Obviously, Word keyboard means board made of many keys.

However, there are simple explanations and a hard one about what keyboard as a device is. A simple one would be – the keyboard is a set of keys used to input text.

The harder one is more formal/scientific explanation – Keyboard is a typewriter-style device that contains differently arranged buttons (or keys) that works as mechanical or electronic switches.

Moreover, all keyboards work the same way. All keyboards are made for a few things:

  • Typing text
  • Gaming
  • Make some PC commands (as volume up or down)
  • Controlling software such as modeling / designing ones. For example Sketchup, Photoshop and others


There are many types of computer keyboards. However, internally (as a device) they all work the same. What matters the most is various physical and design parameters.

In this article, I shortly discuss the most popular keyboard types that are going to help you understand which keyboard to choose for your preferences.

There are a few of the many types of keyboards that are available. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Virtual keyboard (screen touch)
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Gaming keyboard (usually are the same
  • scissor keyboard’s (usually used in laptops but also popular as a desktop gadget)

unpopular keyboard’s:

  • Membrane keyboard
  • Ergonomic keyboard (the keyboard that has folded or bent form according to human natural hand holding habits)
  • Laser keyboard (not convenient and more like the nice futuristic thing to have)
  • extensional keyboard (such as mini additional keyboard that has only digits on it)

And there are many more unpopular keyboards which really lack convenience over popular ones.

Below I will discuss only the most popular keyboard’s


Simply, a virtual keyboard is one that you see in your touch screen device. Nowadays, virtual keyboards are the most popular type. Its comfortability depends on 3 things:

1. Design and proportions of your device

2. Size and proportion of keyboard displayed on the touch screen

3. Size, spaces between buttons in virtual keyboard

That is why while using for example some flagmen ship smartphones more appealing to type than using cheaper ones (not always the case). Moreover, it is the reason why hardware and software design should go along and have sustainable interconnection in terms of design and comfortability.

Finding yourself not comfortable to type on your smartphone? Then try downloading free keyboards’ apps that are available on your phone market. You will be surprised that there are many styles you can choose from and that will possibly give you the opportunity to make your typing experience better!

At the bottom of this article, you can find free keyboard apps that are worth trying.


Mechanical keyboard

A mechanical keyboard has keys with springs and connectors under every key. You need the mechanical press to squiz spring to press a connector. This type of keyboard’s

Many people prefer that type of keyboards because of the sensation it makes while typing text. Mechanical keyboards have a higher key. Pressing quality made mechanical keys feel like a vintage typewriter machine! Many appreciate this feeling. Also, mechanical keyboards are easier to feel. What I mean by that is that by touching keyboard with your fingers you can easily feel gaps between key. That makes typing more accurate because if you learn to type without watching on your keyboard layout you will easily feel if you already dragged your finger to the right button.

However, even if you like that vintage feel you need to know that it has also sound that mechanical device emits naturally.

If the natural mechanical sound does not bother you or maybe it is even sound lovely to you and you are willing to try some vintage sensation then a mechanical keyboard is something you should consider being to enjoy everyday typing!

Mechanical – game keyboard

Game keyboards most commonly are the subcategory of mechanical keyboards that have some addition. Many gamers like the sensation of mechanical keyboards. That why the mechanical keyboard became most popular among gamers.

What is the most common difference between mechanical keyboard and gaming keyboard its additional feature? Most often it is light up the keyboard. Led light keyboard that can change colors (RGB lights). Or even more additional buttons that are more convenient for gamers to be more successful players.

Even if you are not a gamer additional features may seem nice to have. For example, led lights can help you type at night with no light in the room.


The membrane keyboard is one that can bring back memory and create a nostalgic feel. Do you remember old time controllers or toys with keys and buttons? When you broke your things with buttons you could always see rubber buttons under it. That is very similar to how membrane keyboards’ look like. You have one layer of keyboard chip, the second layer is a membrane (pop up button) and plastic wrap (the key that you need to press). Sometimes there is only a chip and membrane without any shell that you need to press directly.


The Scissor keyboard is something between mechanical and membrane keyboards. It is like a hybrid of types of technologies. The membrane is old technology and scissors are new ones.

One of the biggest negative things about the membrane keyboard is that you need to press more precisely than a mechanical keyboard. That is why membrane keyboards have a long metal strip inside longer keyboard buttons such as space, backspace, enter keys that hold them steady, and that metal strim makes it easier to press keyboard not only in the middle (metal strip work similarly as spring). So that is why scissor keyboards’ has not the only membrane in them but also scissored spring around buttons inner corner that makes to press keys more satisfying. Scissor keyboards’ are mostly used in laptops because it is less pendent and needs less pressure to type.


If you like higher keys and want to feel and hear typing sound than go with gaming / mechanical keyboard. But have in mind that gaming keyboards’ are most loud out of all keyboards.

If you like fast and silent typing then go for scissor keyboards’. Be careful because there are many keyboards that can look like scissor ones (with slim keys) but most of them are going to be membrane keyboards. Don’t get me wrong, membrane keyboards’ can be also good, but most often they are satisfying only if you buy branded ones. When buying a scissor keyboard there are always will be written “scissor” in the description because it means newer technology. However, no one is going to write in the description that they are selling membrane keyboards because in most cases membrane keyboards are the cheapest and lower quality.


Here is my favorite recommended keyboard list!

Razer BlackWidow (2019) – Mechanical Full-Size Gaming Keyboard (Keyboard with Mechanical Razer Green Switches, Programmable Keys, Cable Management, RGB Chroma Lighting) UK Layout

Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4GHz Unifying USB-Receiver, Low Profile, Whisper-Quiet, Long Battery Life, Optical Mouse, PC/Laptop, QWERTY UK Layout – Black


  1. Awesome buddy! in your article, you briefly discussed about the most popular keyboard. I haven’t used a wireless keyboard yet and thinking of getting one. So the wireless keyboards work with any type of desk top computer? I have always used laptop computer but is planning to get a desk top one for stationary office. Thank you for the reminder.



    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Most wireless keyboards are suitable for desktop computers. The keyboard that I mentioned in this post “Logitech MK470” is going to work on Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows, or Surface Computer.

      Moreover, some wireless Bluetooth keyboards going to work without USB dongle. It means that they are going to work not only with computers but also with all tablets and smartphones. Here is the keyboard that I am talking about 

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