All my life I hear and see word luxury. A luxury most often means comfortable life which involves great expenses. This description is very abstract. But do we understand the meaning of it when talking about certain things?

For some, luxury can be something you can’t afford. For others, it’s just expensive consumer brands that are popular all around the world.

My idea with this post to show that luxury is not only a popular trademark that costs a bunch of money. I will try to provide you examples in the world of wearable watches and prove that watches without the most popular brand names are also luxury and I will briefly explain why.


Many of us think that if watches have a famous logo on it and cost a lot so it should be all about luxury. I want to tell that it is not always true. I want to provide an example. One of the world’s most famous brands known to us is DW (Daniel Wellington). They have a successful social media marketing strategy that made them famous. The watch brand has established in Stockholm in Sweden. It has a great design. The watch uses a quartz movement made by Miyota, Japanese Company. But what most people don’t realize is where the watches are manufactured and assembled (I believe a lot of you guessed right) in China. China is not always about poor quality items.

A quick overview of DW watches:

  • Assembling and manufacturing price is about 9-10$
  • DW watches are mostly priced in the $149 to $229
  • The watches don’t have amazing craftsmanship but reasonable assemble quality
  • Known for their successful marketing strategy

DW one of many famous watches that are not considered luxury watches. Yes, they are not cheap, and that what makes some think that price is a luxury indicator. Luxury is more than a high price tag. It also about unique design, quality, sustainability, the history behind the brand, and more. And most of us forget that. DW is pricey with a famous brand BUT I would not put them in the luxury category.



(Below I will use word luxury with a greater sense than just the description of high priced item)

Have you ever considered buying a famous design watches and even ended up looking replicas of luxury branded watches? I guess that visiting some kind of China e-stores as alliexpress has discouraged you from buying replicas because they look familiar but at the same time they are not. Why do we consider one watch worth calling luxurious while similar-looking replicas piece of garbage?

There are a few things why:


When you believe that if the thing costs more it should be better than the cheaper ones.

My advice would be to get rid of that thinking. You need to make choices based on other options.


What makes the watch stand from the rest is the unique design. The new design considered successful when it is developed sustainably. In a few words, sustainable design is the one that has a combination of perfect proportions, the perfect blend of materials, ideally matched colors, and more.

Some watch manufacturers (even famous ones)  take advantage of the popular unique designs and make cheaper similar watches with a high price tag.


Why premium materials are more important over cheaper ones?

In a few words, with premium materials, you can achieve another level of quality in terms of design. For example, wood is cheap compared to many other metals. I believe many of you saw wooden watches. They seem to be like an interesting concept. What I don’t like about them they have a rough design and relatively poor durability. I would not trust to wear them every day for like 5 or even 10 years. It seems more like one time, one party accessory. That is why more durable materials like different kinds of metals, considered to be a better choice.

Also, one of many reasons why materials matter is that the more premium, properly selected ones, fit each other a little differently than cheap ones. It means that with greater and more premium materials there is higher production accuracy. Higher accuracy production means the watch looks more delicate, sustainable. That is one of many reasons why you can see similar watches and tell which one is luxury and which one is not.

Cheap materials used in watches:

  • Plastic
  • steel
  • not real leather
  • regular glass
  • plastic glass
  • mineral glass

Premium materials used in luxury watches:

  • stainless steel
  • pvd processed stainless steel
  • leather
  • wool
  • ceramic
  • sapphire glass
  • crystal glass


One of the best watches that are luxury in term of build quality and premium materials are NORDGREEN. 
All of their watches come with a 2 – year warranty!

No. 1 Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph


  • Case thickness  11.9 mm
  • Case width          42 mm


  • Silver
  • Rose gold
  • Gun metal


  • domed sapphire crystal


  • Japanese quartz

No. 2  Nordgreen Native

(for men and women)


  • Case thickness   6.8mm / 7.5mm / 8.35mm
  • Case width          32mm / 36mm / 40mm


  • Silver
  • Rose gold
  • Gold
  • Gun metal


  • Japanese quartz

And much more at their Offical Amazon store


I hope each one of you will choose your watch for its style. My mission was to make people understand the luxury things like watches are not only about spending a lot of money. You need to analyze other things which makes watches special in term of luxury.

If you read my post I assume you search for luxury watches that fit you in your way. I wish you luck! And I hope I helped what to look for the searching luxurious watch!

I will be very glad to hear your perception of luxury! Please Comment your thoughts below

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